Marilia Sampaio was born in São Paulo, Brazil, started playing guitar at age 15 and at 18 started playing bass and performing at parties and festivals in your town, never did a college of music but studied with very significant musicians of Brazilian music as well as Luis Cavalcante and Gabriel Bahlis.

She was involved on projects for quality and roots brazilian music as the band Joga Bonito who resided in Magnolia Bar a weekly dance gafieira party very tradicional in the city and also played with the band “Amigos da Praia” who did some touring in the Brazilian coast.

In 2009 started with a singer calls Xenia Franca the band Boca de 09, very edge and cool band that performed a lot in the modern scene of São Paulo. In 2011 Marilia moved to NYC, where accompanied several singers like Dende and Carlos Darcy wand also have been playing and developing different projects as well as The Amp and Miss Sugar Cane.