(virtuoso guitarist, composer, bandleader, tone scientist,
author, fashion designer)

On Ka'a Davis has had extensive experiences working with many of the renowned modern musicians of our times. Most notably, Davis has worked with and/or recorded with Sun Ra as a member of his Arkestra, and with Don Ayler's Septet. Considered one of New York City 'downtown legends', Davis exudes as a force from out of its Lower East Side's edgy creative scene, the axis of avant garde culture in music, art and social activism. Over the years, Davis has emerged as an original iconic persona. Davis has collaborated with jazzers, avant gardists, and rockers alike.

Davis is also a trained concertise on the classical guitar, having had the opportunity to have studied at the Hochschule for Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria , arriving there at the age of 19 as a protege of Luise Walker-Hesjek. 

But it Davis' explorations in pulse beat music, a mix of cosmic voodoo blues, sonic jazzes and explosive releases over intense rhythms and 'free' improvisations that Davis' group, 'The Famous Original Djuke Music Players', expresses a sound that charts the musical designs of what Davis has coined djuke music.  This band mirrors the funk and futuro jazzes of America merging with the new sounds of the new African music scenes.

Davis has produced over 30 releases, all featuring his original work. Featured artists of note have included pianist Matthew Shipp, saxophonists Luther Thomas, Sabir Mateen, Andrew Lamb, vocalists Marie Afonso (Zap Mama), drummer Jojo Kuo (Fela Kuti) and bassists Francis MBappe (Manu Dibango), Juini Booth (Tony Williams) and Radu Ben Judah (Sun Ra).

Davis has also contributed to the 'Black Classical Sun Ra Project' and to the 'Sun Ra Repatriation Project' a permanent 'sight-sound' installation in Paris, France.