(Photographer, Filmmaker and Documenting Observer on Environment)

Conceição Praun Was born in Olinda, Pernambuco in the north east of Brazil.

Ms. Praun developed an interest in the complex processes behind the "camera obscura," (Dark Room) and learned the principles of this optical device while living in London. There, she had her first showcase followed by others.

Ms. Praun then moved to Paris where she met George Fèvre (1930-2007), the master of photo development and who was an apprentice to Henri Cartier-Bresson, an established photographer. This relationship encouraged Ms Praun’s deep appreciation on his theory of ‘l’instant décisif’.

Fèvre became Ms. Praun’s mentor and exercised a great influence on her career, her promising to him that she would focus into the metaphysical contrasts of black and white.
Her photographs are based on the characteristic of spontaneity over prose and composition, in between clear and hazy atmospheres.

Praun travels the world seeking to highlight the conditions of social and environmental circumstances in order to create awareness on society’s behaviours.

 “Take care of our environment -- it’s a duty which transcends cultural, socioeconomic and all kind of boundaries.” – Conceição



Ser Pensante – Poetry (Brazil)

A Rosa & A Violeta - Kids Literature (Brazil)

Une Voyajeuse – A Journey in the South of France (France)

Femmes Saint – Account of Seven Different woman’s (France)

Nous Avons Deux Amours Notre Pays Et Monaco – Report on Monaco’s Contemporary (Monaco)

Cuba & Educación – How Cuban’s see the meaning of Education (Cuba)

Per fundo – Perfume history through time (Egypt, Greece, Italy, France & Germany)

The Load - Report on India’s Environment (India)

Face – 2010 Calendar on Environment Worldwide (India)

EDGE-UAE - Report on UAE’s Environment (United Arab Emirates)

Environment through Time – Report on Cyprus Environment (Cyprus)

COP 15 Outskirts – Report on COP15 & Beyond (Copenhagen, Denmark)

COP16 Views & Visiones – Points of View on COP16 & Environment (Mexico)

Caminata Por El Ambiente – Cuban’s View on Environment (Cuba)




(London, UK)

Dubai in Black & White (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

ROSTROS que HABLAN (Havana, Cuba)

Rocinha in Black & White
(Monaco & London)

Nous Avons Deux Amours Notre Pays Et Monaco
(France, Brazil & Cuba)

(Cannes 60th film festival – Cannes, France)

Cuba & Educación
(Havana, Cuba)

Una Mirada a Monaco
(Havana, Cuba)

(London, UK)

Solamente Cuba
(London, UK)

(Trivandrum & Mumbai, India)

Caminata Por El Ambiente
(Holguin, Gibara & Havana, Cuba)

Caminando a traves de la COP16
(Ciudad de Mexico & Cancun, Mexico)



Imagination – Short fiction conflict on digital & analogue photography
(Cannes 60th film festival – Cannes, France)

Nous Avons Deux Amours Notro Pais Et Monaco – Short documentary on Monaco’s contemporary Principality (Monaco)

Per Fundo – Long documentary on the history of perfume through time
(Egypt, Greece, Italy, France & Germany)

Cuba & Educación (Cuba)

– Short fiction on people’s environment relation and its consequences (India)

Caminata Por El Ambiente – Documentary on Cuba’s Environment (Cuba)

COP16 Views & Visiones – Views on COP16 & Wordwide Environment (Mexico)