June 5th marked International Environment Day, the day that is a call for all of us on our planet Earth to come together with a conscious awareness of our actions towards our environment.

To celebrate International Environment Day, the “WALK ENVIRONMENT AWARDS” was inaugurated in 2011 in Havana, Cuba to recognize individuals across the globe for their expressed efforts concerning our environment using artistic and cultural attributed means.

Walk Environment Awards is a voluntary project that is intended to encourage and inspire sustaining practices of benevolent giving and caring for the environment. It is an effort to motivate persons to become active participants as ‘real players’ of safeguarding our planet.

It is an effort that wants to transform our world from a global society of seemingly uncaring acts and passive concerns into a league of capable and visionary people, determined to do their part with saving our environment.

The goal of Walk Environment Awards is to share the knowledge and sensibilities of the contributing participants with everyone around the world.

As part of the effort to link the world’s cities together in the recognition of International Environment Day, the Walk Environment Awards was hosted here in New York City for five (5) days. People from all nationalities submitted their work by voluntary contributors to be judged by a panel of leading environmental experts to select finalists from six (6) designated category entries. Each finalist will be awarded a prize of recognition.

The categories include: Literature, Music, Painting, Drawing, Photography and Audiovisual




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Organizer, Conceição Praun is recognized internationally for her persistence in travelling the world for the purpose of documenting the environment. Ms Praun has studied intensely how environmental issues are neglected at many levels of the society.

Her research has fuelled her passion to the cause of re-shaping ideas of our modern values placed upon human society.

Ms. Praun has concluded that acting to care for our environment is not only our collective responsibility, but is also our right to do so without obstruction.

“We may be blessed and provided with some conscientiousness about the environmental impacts resulted from our behaviours. Who feels responsible for that?”






The Organizer

Conceição Praun

Photograper, Filmmaker and Documenting Observer on Environment